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Limited 1 Year Warranty

In General:

Our 1-year warranties encompass parts and labor for materials we supply and install. However, they do not cover claims that:

  1. Arise from accidents unrelated to contractor actions,

  2. Result from improper maintenance,

  3. Stem from improper use or misuse, and

  4. Occur due to factors beyond our control.

Additionally, our warranties exclude defects or installation issues arising from client-supplied materials or labor by others, as well as defects caused by shifting in existing structures.

Our warranty covers malfunctioning parts and defective or faulty wiring or fixtures supplied and installed by us. It excludes existing or client-supplied parts, fixtures, or wiring.


Our warranty covers leaks, malfunctioning parts, and fixtures. Exclusions include existing or client-supplied materials, low pressure, backups, clogs, and associated water damage, as root causes often lie beyond our control.



Coverage extends to cracks, splits, and separation from surfaces. Exclusions encompass swelling or shrinkage of wood due to natural phenomena like moisture and high humidity levels.


Our warranty covers cracks and nail pops in joints and corners. It excludes holes resulting from accidental or intentional contact, shifting structures, or overexposure to moisture and humidity.


Coverage includes loose or separated tiles and cracked or missing grout.


Our warranty covers flaking, peeling, cracking, or bubbling issues unrelated to underlying conditions such as moisture, shifting structures, or improper repairs. Exclusions involve overexposure to moisture or humidity, shifting structures, wallpaper delamination, old plaster, accidental or intentional contact, or improperly repaired surfaces.


Coverage pertains to proper fit, seal, and mechanical failures. Exclusions include wood swelling or shrinkage due to high moisture and humidity levels or damage from misuse or improper maintenance.

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